Outcome / M.S.

Outcomes for M.S.:

  • Skilled Knowledge
    Possess with knowledge of aqua circulations and processes on Earth. Understand the important control factors of the problems on aqua resources. Be trained with the capabilities of science and skill to discover and solve problems.

  • Mathematics and Physics
    Possess with mathematical and physical interpretation of simulating and discovering mechanism and subjects of aqua circulation.

  • International Prospective
    Understand the assault of global and environmental change on hydrology and ocean. Be trained with view of different field and knowledge. Clearly understand the derived problems of aqua circulation form the point of view of Earth science system.

  • Vocabulary and Speaking
    Possess with foreign language of speaking and communication on science knowledge, and be expected to communicate and team with international and local research of hydrology, management of water resource and oceanic environment.

  • Independent Thinking
    Be trained with the capabilities of independently thinking and creating to solve problem. Possess of discovering and integrating science problem from different fields of view to aqua circulation subject.

  • Environmental Concern
    Be trended to with the concern of subject of aqua circulation and environment using science background, and also built the correct values.

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