Job titleNameResearch expertise/Research Group
Chairman and Associate ProfessorPun, Iam-FeiSatellite oceanography;
Typhoon-ocean interaction

Satellite Remote Sensing Research Group
ProfessorLi, Ming-HsuLand Hydrological Processes;
Hydrogeochemical Models;
Hydro-hazard Simulations;
Climate Change Hydrology

Surface Hydrology Research Group Ext.65695
ProfessorWu, Tso-RenTsunami Science, Local Scour Simulation;
Storm Surge Simulation;
3D Numerical Modeling;
Two-way Coupled Moving-Solid Model;
Landslide and Debris Flow Simulation

Tsunami Science Research Group Ext.65685
Distinguished ProfessorChien, HwaHF Radar and Microwave Radar Remote Sensing;
Ocean Surface Waves;
Air-Sea Interactions;
Sediment Transport in Coastal Ocean

Marine Physical Observation Research Group (MPORG) (Advanced Research Center for Earth Sciences) Ext.65670
Associate ProfessorHuang, Zhi-ChengNearshore Hydrodynamic Processes;
Environmental Fluid Mechanics;
Coral-reef Hydrodynamics;
Coastal Hazard Prevention

Coastal Ocean and Sediment Transport Research Group Ext.65697
Assistant ProfessorChen, Pei-YuanClimate Change Adaptation, Urban Hydrology, Storm Water Management

Water Informatics & Smart Ecosystems Research Group Ext.65694
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