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2023/03/07 14:00 Distinguished Prof. Chia-Cheng Tsai(Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Engineering and Technology & Center of Excellence for Ocean Engineering, NTOU)

Poster:Post date:2023-03-01
NCU IHOS Seminar Announcement

Title:Scientific Computing in Ocean Engineering


Speaker:Distinguished Prof. Chia-Cheng Tsai

(Chair of Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Engineering and Technology, NTOU)
(Director of Center of Excellence for Ocean Engineering, NTOU)


Place:S-325, Science Building 1

  In this talk, I will introduce my recent studies on the scientific computing in ocean engineering and their applications. Selected topics include the quadtree adaptive wind wave modelling, ocean circulation modelling, oil spilling modelling, numerical wave tank, quasi-static & dynamic geotechnical modelling, semi-analytical solutions of wave-structure interactions, symbolic computing on nonlinear waves, and others. For the geotechnical modelling, the development of a meshless numerical code in collaborated with Griffith University in Australia will be introduced. In addition, a deep collaboration between Taiwan and India is involved for the semi-analytical solutions of wave-structure interactions. Research experience will be shared.
Keywords: Ocean modelling; Step approximation; Tension-leg structure; Wave-structure interaction; Symbolic computing
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