Seminar paper
Entry Year2013
Paper levelEI
Paper title (chapter)Tsunami Risk Assessment in Taiwan after the Event of 2011 Tohoku Tsunami
Name of conferenceThe Proceedings of The Twenty-third (2013) International OFFSHORE AND POLAR ENGINEERING CONFERENCE
Conference starting time2013-06-30
Conference closing time2013-07-05
Year of publication2013
Name of author (Chinese)Wu, Tso-Ren
Name of author (English)Wu, Tso-Ren
AuthorsTso-Ren Wu
Number of authors1
Author's typeFirst Author / Corresponding Author
LocationAnchorage, Alaska, USA
sponsorInternational Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
Reference URLhttp://www.isope.org/publications/proceedings/ISOPE/ISOPE%202013/papers/vol3/13TPC-394Wu.pdf#page=1
Language usedEnglish
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