2023/03/28 14:00 Assistant Prof. Whyjay Zheng(Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, NCU)

Poster:Post date:2023-03-27
NCU IHOS Seminar Announcement

Title:Multi-phase modeling of sediment transport


Speaker:Assistant Prof. Whyjay Zheng

Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, NCU


Place:S-325, Science Building 1

  The Arctic marine-terminating glaciers are experiencing significant changes in flow speed, terminus position, and ice thickness, driven by the warming climate through increased air and ocean water temperature. However, the exact mechanisms for these glacier changes are still being determined due to limited observations and a lack of intercomparison models. To tackle this issue, we combine high-resolution remote sensing data and map the spatiotemporal distribution of the flow speed and surface elevation for the glaciers in the Russian Arctic, Svalbard, and Greenland Ice Sheet, where the dramatic change of land ice mass is taking place. We further develop a physical framework to quantify the vulnerability of marine-terminating glaciers. Both our model and the observational data suggest that the geometry of glacier ice (thickness and surface slope) and initial flow speed determine how much and how fast glaciers respond to a perturbation of glacier hydrology. Finally, we highlight the importance of understanding the mechanisms driving glacier instability in the Arctic, as this knowledge can inform sea level rise projections and improve our understanding of the impacts of the warming climate. 
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