2022/10/04 14:00 Honorary Prof. Chein-Shan Liu(Center of Excellence for Ocean Engineering, NTOU)

Poster:Post date:2022-09-27
NCU IHOS Seminar Announcement



Speaker:Honorary Prof. Chein-Shan Liu

Center of Excellence for Ocean Engineering, NTOU


Place:S-325, Science Building 1

  To solve the eigenvalue problem of a matrix with large size by the novel algorithms, we express the n-dimensional eigenvector by the superposition of a constant shifting vector and an m-vector in the m-dimensional affine Krylov subspace. The m-vector is solved to be a function of eigenvalue from a non-homogeneous linear system. Maxmizing the Rayleigh quotient or using a new quotient, characteristic equations can be generated and be solved by the Newton method or the fictitious time integration method. Then, we develop simple iterative detection methods of the eigenvalues for both symmetric, nonsymmetric eigenvalue problem and also generalized eigenvalue problem, which appear as the peaks of the curve of the Euclidean norm of the eigenvector vs. eigenvalue. Through a few finer tunings to the smaller intervals sequentially, very accurate eigenvalue can be obtained.
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