Kon-Kee Liu
Professor and Director
Highest Education:
University of California, Los Angles, Ph.D. (1979)
Numerical modeling of aquatic biogeochemical systems;  Marine carbon and nitrogen cycles; Isotope geochemistry
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Selected Recent Publications:
[1] Liu, K.-K., Peng, T.-H., Shaw, P.-T., Shiah, F.K. (2003) Circulation and biogeochemical processes in the East China Sea and the vicinity of Taiwan: An overview and a brief synthesis. Deep-Sea Res. II 50 (6-7), 1055-1064
[2] Liu, K.-K., Chao, S.-Y., Shaw, P.-T., Gong, G.C., Chen, C.C., Tang, TY (2002) Monsoon forced chlorophyll distribution and primary productivity in the South China Sea: observations and a numerical study. Deep-Sea Res. I 49, 1387-1412
[3] Kao S.-J., Liu, K.-K. (2000) Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope systematics in a human-disturbed watershed (Lanyang-Hsi) in Taiwan and the estimation of biogenic particulate organic carbon and nitrogen fluxes. Global Biogeochem. Cycle, 14, 189-198
[4] Liu, K.-K., Tang, T.Y., Gong, G.-C., Chen, L.-Y., Shiah, F.-K. (2000) Cross-shelf and along-shelf nutrient fluxes derived from flow fields and chemical hydrography observed in the southern East China Sea off northern Taiwan. Cont. Shelf Res. 20, 493-523
[5] Liu K.K., Iseki K. and Chao S.Y. (2000) Continental margin carbon fluxes. In: R.B. Hanson, H.W. Ducklow, J.G. Field (Eds): The Changing Ocean Carbon Cycle: A midterm synthesis of the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study, pp. 187-239. International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Book Series, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press