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About IHS

            Founded in 2001, the Institute of Hydrological Sciences (IHS) provides opportunities in research and education in three major areas: global hydrological cycles, hydrospheric environmental sciences, and information-technology based hydro-hazard mitigation.  Through analysis, observation and multi-scale modeling, the IHS seeks to investigate various processes and phenomena crucial to the environmental sustainability pertaining to the hydrological cycle, including climate change, land-ocean-atmosphere interactions, precipitation processes, surface/subsurface hydrology, coastal ocean processes and aquatic biogeochemistry.  In light of the complexity of environmental problems facing us, the IHS advocates integrative approaches to research topics.  As a result, the IHS has pursued the application of models and observational data for solving problems in hydro-environment, including flood/drought monitoring-prediction and water resources management, hydro-environment monitoring and modeling, and remote sensing applications in hydrology.  In addition, IHS welcomes domestic as well as international collaboration, which is much needed for attacking research topics of regional to global scale. Currently, IHS has seven full-time faculty members with diverse but solid backgrounds, and offers M.S. and Ph.D. programs.